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French cavalry sword

Nice sword clean blade 34 inches long 1 1/4 at hilt. Uk post paid 18+

Code: 50177

240.00 GBP

Remington Rolling Block Riiffle

A nice example of this riffle all there and working obsolete caliber so not deactivated and no licence needed. Uk post included.

Code: 50175

650.00 GBP

Remington Rolling Block Rifle.

A fantastic example of this rifle all there and working obsolete caliber so not deactivated and no licence needed uk post included
Please ask for more pictures if needed.

Code: 50174

750.00 GBP

Small pocket pistol

Small pocket pistol 6.5 inches long no makers mark, Uk post included.

Code: 50173

250.00 GBP

Small pocket flintlock

A nice small flintlock by Dunderdale Mason & Labron. Uk post included

Code: 50172

425.00 GBP

Small flintlock

A lovely pocket flintlock 7inches long Made by Hunsdone Chelmsford. Uk post included

Code: 50171

425.00 GBP

F/S Dagger presented to a VC winner

2nd type F/S Dagger engraved to HAVR THAPA KULBIR VC. This is a nice thing but I have no providence for it so I’m keeping the price sensible UK post included 18+

Code: 50170

225.00 GBP

Collectible military postcards

100+ cards in an album. Uk post paid

Code: 50169

65.00 GBP

Military postcards

Approximately 170 cards in an album, all in sets a couple of the cards have been used uk post included

Code: 50168

75.00 GBP

Military General Service Medal 1793-1814

Unnamed no bars specimen? I would say this is die struck a nice gap filler. Uk post payed.

Code: 50165

75.00 GBP